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Holgate Court Accountants provide a wide range of accountancy services for businesses of all sizes. Based in Romford town centre the firm is owned by Mark Ball, a fully qualified chartered accountant. Mark is also a qualified auditor and has serviced solicitors accounts within SRA guidelines.

Holgate Court Accountants

8 Holgate Court, 4-10 Western Road

Phone: 01708 320596

Holgate court accountants

Holgate Court Accountants provide a complimentary 40-minute consultation for potential new clients and hold meetings in their comfortable offices during businesses hours, Monday to Friday.

They are also happy to make on-site visits as required and look to form a long-term relationship with clients.

Holgate Court Accountants provide a wide range of accountancy services for small and medium businesses this includes all regular accountancy services, company formations, bookkeeping and auditing.

Mark says;

“As Romford Accountants we understand that whether you are already established in business or a start-up, your choice of Accountant will make a significant difference to your success. Your Accountant will become a sounding board for all manner of business issues, so their business experience and advice will be regularly sought after.”

Services provided are;


Mark says;

“In my early twenties (too many years ago!) I set up a small manufacturing business in the north east of England. I used to get frustrated as my accountant didn’t seem to understand the problems I faced and never offered any advice.

In my early thirties, I took the opportunity to go to University and then went on to qualify as a Chartered Certified Accountant. My past experience allows me to relate to and understand the problems faced by small businesses and help business owners to overcome them.

My spare time is spent, with my wife, enjoying the English (and beyond) countryside on our Harley Davidson. We are active in our local Club, either attending or organising rallies and riding/social events.”

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Civil Engineering Companies For Your Projects

If you are thinking about having a building demolished or a new structure built, civil engineering companies are your best option. Take the time to learn more about different engineers and hire someone with enough experience for your project. Go over this article to learn more about civil engineering companies.

Do not hire the first engineer you find. Some engineers specialize in civil engineering, which includes demolishing buildings. Find civil engineering companies specialized in the kind of project you need help with. Even if an engineer has an excellent reputation and a lot of experience, you will not get good results if you hire someone who has never worked on a similar project before.

Do some background research on the engineers you are interested in. Ask them a few questions about the clients they worked with in the past, their education and their methods. If possible, check their license and make sure they are properly insured for the kind of project you want them to work on. An engineer with an impressive background is probably worth spending a little more.

Be very specific about what you want but let the engineer you hire make most of the decisions. Your engineer will provide you with what you want if you give them enough freedom while being precise about the results you need. Communicate with your engineer through every step of the demolition process to make sure things are going well. Do not hesitate to give some feedback to your engineers if you want them to adopt a slightly different approach.

You should use these tips to find the right engineer. Take all the time you need to interact with different professionals, do some research and decide which civil engineer is the best choice for your project.

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By Partnering With A Managed IT Solutions Company London Businesses Could Relax Easier Than Ever before

IT managed ServicesThe technology behind a lot of companies today is absolutely multi-faceted. Little and big companies alike share the sometimes overwhelming job of keeping up with the world around them; in regards to the electronic globe, this can quickly come to be a big element of also the biggest spending plan. A lot of markets have begun counting on IT service management as opposed to seeking full-time staff customers to handle the critical yet frequently erratic aid that they need. Finding the best mix of help for your buck might seem straightforward sufficient at first, but consider your demands extensive before making any type of monetary choices and you could find that contracting your IT work is excellent.

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