A large number of businesses are already offering wellness programs for their employees. Multiple studies have found that being active during the day leads to increased productivity and reduced stress levels.
Fitness in the workplace can be challenging due to scheduling and to the lack of available space to work out. However, it is possible to develop a successful wellness program without many resources.
Performing a few simple exercises during the day can make a real difference. Having access to a gym is ideal but employees can be active during the day by doing a few simple exercises in their office, cubicle or in an open space.

Simple exercises such as jumping jacks, push ups or crunches is all it takes to be healthier and to relieve stress. Activities such as yoga or tai chi can be easily performing in the workplace as well.
Scheduling is another challenge that stands in the way of fitness in the workplace. Employees need to be able to take breaks whenever they are stressed so they can do a few exercises and relax. Just like with any other fitness program, doing a few exercises during breaks will eventually become a habit.

Employers should definitely encourage everyone to take part in a fitness program or to exercise on their own. This simple practice will help everyone manage their stress, boost their creativity and feel better about themselves.
Fitness in the workplace does not have to be complicated. It is possible to get results with simple exercises and working out for ten or fifteen minutes a day will make a huge difference.

Do you have access to a fitness program at work? If not, you should talk to your employer. Creating a space where employees can work out and encouraging everyone to be more active, as well as following the advice of Robert Ginsburg on fitness in the workplace will make a positive change at work.

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