Mrs. Fields Cookies

You Have to Love the Way These Cookies Crumble


The year was 1977.

The place was Palo Alto, California.

The idea was to sell cookies.

The person to do it was Debbi Fields.



1977 plus Palo Alto plus Cookies plus Debbi = Mrs. Fields Cookies

Today there are approximately 390 U.S. Locations and 80 international locations selling these super-delicious cookies that Debbi Fields pioneered.

Don’t you find those cookies hard to resist when you walk by a Mrs. Field’s shop in your local mall? I do, and I’m thankful she pursued her dream and took the risks necessary to come up with her unique business.

With vigorous determination and an entrepreneurial spirit, Debbi Fields ignored the notion that you could not open a store that just sold cookies. She did and the many ways the cookies have crumbled for her over the years have paid great dividends.

Today Mrs. Fields sells cookies and nibblers, decorated cookie cakes, classic cookie tins, Mrs. Fields Crates, and assortment of other delectable concoctions.

Thank heavens there are risk takers who have my taste buds in mind when deciding to invest their blood, sweat, tears, time, and money into making a business succeed. There are now almost 470 Mrs. Fields locations worldwide providing employment to local economies…and great cookies too!

Debbi Fields was one tough cookie who made a commitment to bake up an excellent business. She knows the sweet smell of success – and of her cookies as well.